there are places

I wrote a blog entry when both my children were in high school, about how parenting is a series of good-byes. And in reality, the truer statement might be that life is a series of good-byes. People and places we love and care for. Which eventually, often times more than once, we have to tearfully … More there are places

18 summers

Happy birthday to the loveliest of daughters….mine! Today she turns 18, and I’m reminded of what I’d say is the best parenting advice I ever heard. You only get 18 summers. It’s cliche but the years do fly by and then BOOM(!), it’s over. No longer children. The realization that a chapter of life is … More 18 summers

back to school

Labor Day evening.  As a child, I remember it well.  All the anticipation of a new school year about to begin the next day. Yet much has changed in the many years since I attended school.  Public school here in Lexington, Kentucky, began before mid August.  My son started classes at the University of Louisville … More back to school

joy, despite

It’s hard to be joyful when you’re not comfortable or happy with a situation.  Even when joy is warranted, when joy is expected, there can still be a bit of sadness.  Kind of like getting a promotion out of the department you worked in long enough to make friends.  Sure, you’re happy for the wage … More joy, despite

bible stories

My kids had a children’s bible when they were young.  It was basically a story book and we read out of it often.  Actually, we still have it. I’m not exactly sure why, and if I thought about it long enough and conducted some research I’m sure I’d find out, but we who raise our … More bible stories

hand off

I’m labeling it the {hand off}.  The impartation of thoughts, theology and rules to live by onto my children. I think the most difficult thing for me in regards to parenting my kids at this stage of life is the hand off.  My son is, by all intensive and legal purposes, grown.  My daughter is … More hand off

crooked house

My family lives in a crooked house.  I believe our house was built in 1910, making it just over 100 years old.  Apparently in 1910, levels were not utilized as they are in today’s construction methods.  Or, our house has shifted a bit.  Or, perhaps there are countless other reasons why our house is crooked, … More crooked house