Flapjack Friday Faves [03.07]

Happy first Friday of March.  Happy season of Lent.  Happy time change weekend.

Here are some fun and/or happy and/or interesting and/or simply worth mentioning items I’ve recently come across.

Maybe I really am socially awkward….

socially awkward penguin

When I look at what I pin on my {For the Home} board on Pinterest, I realize I’m not really into neutrals:

103 Sankaty

bright room

pretty colors

Do you ever think about Ansel Adams?  It’s alright if you don’t.  I have thought about him recently.  Probably because I took one of those silly social media quizzes that determines what state you should live in.  I got New Mexico.  Which was no surprise, beings I grew up in Arizona.  Here’s a lovely Adams photograph, you’ll especially like if you’re a native southwesterner, like myself.  If none of that made sense and you’d like for it to, I suggest you read more about Ansel.

southwest churchmary crawley

My daughter and I have one more episode of Downton Abbey to catch this season, then alas, we’ll have to wait another long while.  For all of you who think Downton is perhaps dull and stodgy, I’ll have you know so far this season they’ve covered inter racial romance, abortion, the economy, and the horrible topic of rape.  Some serious issues, folks.

One of the best thing about being a parent is seeing your kids achieve their dreams.  A recent photo and a flash from the past remind me of how uniquely created my kids are.

Allie in Soho
Allie in Soho in front of the Marc Jacobs store.  A very thrilled fashionista.
lil James with guitar

Once upon a time…..there was a sweet little boy who played a toy guitar and drum. Now he’s on a music scholarship playing classical guitar.

The calendar tells us it’s time to spring into Spring.  Ready or not. Hope you have a great weekend.

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