November. The month when we list out what we’re thankful for. I taught a children’s lesson recently. Since it’s the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving, why not utilize the obvious theme of gratitude? Yes, that’s the topic I chose. Have you ever asked a group of kids, ages varying from 4 years old to sixth … More unlikely

go away, June

First day of summer. Texted James. He’s tired of summer. Maybe I am too. Usually it’s my favorite season. June though, just go away. Instagram photos of dads and kids with catchy little captions I don’t need to see. Oh, I’m happy you’re happy. But I’m proof that…..well, life isn’t always what it seems. So … More go away, June


This past fall I decided to bring my geraniums indoors.  Normally, after the first freeze of the season, I would put the plants in the trash can.  Actually, the can designated for yard clippings, leaves and such.  I can’t think of the correct name for this can/Herbie/container right now, but trust me, the city of Lexington … More geraniums


A busy week.  The busiest of 2014, actually. A fairly normal Monday.  Tuesday I tried a book group.  Should I have been an English teacher?  Maybe. Should I start my own book club and re-read The Sound and the Fury?  Maybe. Wednesday….The day before my workplace’s biggest yearly event.  Much work.  Deadlines.  I followed through … More event[ful]

filed away

I filed it in the safe.  Do most people have alphabetized file folders in their safe? First I cleaned it.  Then I placed it in an envelope.  I sealed it.  Then I filed it at what I considered the appropriate place. Maybe I should have handled it more ceremoniously.  I was alone.  I didn’t give … More filed away


There are days when nothing makes sense. Days like today.  It’s Spring.  Officially.  It’s also snowing and blowing and when I look out the window I can’t see across the street. I can look forward.  A few days ahead.  My son’s recital.  It will be good.  Proud moments.  Smiles. Applause. Tomorrow.  An opportunity to hear … More ridiculous

spring forward

I didn’t realize it would soon be time to change the clocks until Thursday.  I set my alarm last night, completely aware that I would lose an hour of sleep.  I did however, forget to switch my phone alert from silent.  The majority of the time, I awake before my alarm goes off.  This morning … More spring forward