Expectant, I write. Not truly sure where to go. With my writing today. I realize the complexity of waiting. Not as simple as it seems because I grow impatient. Rather quickly. Wait here. Wait until tomorrow. Wait around and see. Just wait. Wait a minute. I’ve written about waiting before. But now, today, I am … More expectant


I wrote the following, I don’t know when. And posted it in this section of my website entitled “other writings”. But I decided to post it here today….where it’s more accessible to my regular readers. I met a friend for an early dinner this evening. And I was reminded, very clearly, about waiting. My friend … More wait


I am loved. And today that is enough. A son, who makes time out of his busy schedule for an unexpected dinner with me. A daughter who sends me a sweet note on Valentine’s Day. Mother and father who mail me a card, encouraging me. Sister who checks in, making sure if I’m sad I know … More valentine