I am loved. And today that is enough.

A son, who makes time out of his busy schedule for an unexpected dinner with me.

A daughter who sends me a sweet note on Valentine’s Day.

Mother and father who mail me a card, encouraging me.

Sister who checks in, making sure if I’m sad I know she’s there.

A friend, though not feeling well, willingly driving miles, ensuring I’m home safe.

A chocolate covered strawberry from the young lady boarding with me.

Friends who uplift. Offers words. Advice. Make me laugh.

People who show they care about me and those I care about.

God coming through with a verse. Wait on me. Seek me. Hold your horses [no, there’s not an actual verse that says hold your horses…’s my interpretation].


No, Valentine’s Day isn’t the best day for some. Last year my daughter and I boycotted it. This year though, I’m wearing a red, festive shirt and a heart bracelet that jingles. I’m not going to dwell on what has the potential to bring on humiliation. Would it be nice to have someone who loves me in that Valentine type way? Sure. Maybe. If it’s real and not simply for the sake of having it. If it’s so I’ll feel {enough}, then no. Because I have enough. Son and daughter. Mother and father. Sister, family, friends. God who provides.

An addition? Yes. But not someone to fill a hole. Because I can create a void so big no one ever could. And that’s not fair or right or healthy. So I try not to dig. I focus on growing. Stronger. Wiser. Better.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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