I challenge me

We’ve all played the games.

I challenge you to……..

Well, I decided to forget the you and challenge myself.

So this evening, after work, instead of driving home and changing into my exercise clothes then driving to the YMCA which is my usual Thursday practice, I did something different.  I attended the Opening Reception and Welcome for a new exhibit at The Art Museum at the University of Kentucky.

I received notice of the happening via Twitter.  I noted the event would be catered by Wine + Market.  Cheese was mentioned, and I knew it would be good cheese.  I also enjoy art museums and even though I’ve been to this one many times, I decided to go.  Alone.

Alone is where the challenge came in.  I’m not greatly experienced in attending events and activities alone.  I am fine to shop alone.  Go to the YMCA alone.  Run four miles.  Peruse the farmer’s market.  I don’t need an accomplice for these.  But an event.  An event is another matter.  First of all, parking on the University of Kentucky campus is not a picnic.  And I’d already faced that once earlier this very week.  Walking in on a group of people already mingling.  That’s a little intimidating.  Realizing the chances were quite high I would not know anyone there.  I figured I would not speak to anyone.  But I would make myself go and stay awhile.  Even if just briefly.

So I did.  And a woman did actually speak to me.  She thought she recognized me from somewhere but it turns out she doesn’t know me and likewise, I don’t know her.  Incidentally, I get this a lot.

I am pleased with my efforts.  Next Friday is Gallery Hop, an event I like to get to.  While I will mention the happening to a few friends, I don’t know if anyone will want to go.  Yet I think it will be alright if they don’t.  I’ll just go on my own.  It will be a longer outing than tonight’s challenge.  It will involve seeing many people grouped together.  Couples, families, friends.  But I’m pretty sure I can handle it.

I can handle the challenge.


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