snow day(s)

20150216_180354{day 1} Snow days in Kentucky. One never really knows until it happens if it’s truly going to happen. This time it did. Snow. Snow. Lots of snow. Inches. Perhaps a foot before it’s done?

I am fortunate. My workplace doesn’t require me to put myself in peril in order to report to work. I just noticed how many prepositions I used in that last sentence. Too many. I am vowing right now I will limit my preposition usage.

Anyway, I have done the usual snow day fodder. Checked my work emails. Drank some coffee. Cursed my laptop because it’s slow. Looked outside. Considered taking a walk and photo journaling what some are calling ‘snowmageddon’. Alas, it’s way too cold for that. So I am making cinnamon rolls. I will probably do some reading. I finished watching Season 1 of ‘Mozart in the Jungle’.

Snow days make for more thinking than normal days. I ponder what other people do when they’re stuck inside all day. Do they feel the intense need to bake? Do they look around their living room, contemplating adding more color? Are they amazed their dog can smell so gosh awful bad? Do they, like me, stare out the window, watching the snow fall? Blowing, wispy snow.

Snow is so quiet. Makes for contemplation. Two more days until Wednesday, when eyes will be set on Easter. Springtime. Growth and renewal. What are the alone people thinking? Today. Are they lonely? Or happy to be free from obligation? Snowed in. No others. Is that for the best? Or simply how it turned out this time?

The other window. Upstairs, looking to the back. Backyard. Fence. Then railroad tracks. Followed by a cemetery. Officially called African Cemetery No. 2. There’s a junkyard beyond. Most days I can see the downtown skyline. Today the falling snow impedes.

Afternoon movie. Dinner. The evening movie, ‘Divergent‘ gets cut short and Hannah, my winter roommate, and I are not sure why. We’re not tech people. An unfortunate situation when trapped indoors during the 21st century. We do catch the first episode of the first season of ‘Downton Abbey’, which I have already seen. Being the Downton fan I am, I don’t mind a bit.

{day 2} Another snow day. It’s beyond freezing outside. A kind friend o20150216_180434ffered help if needed. I suppose sooner or later we’ll have to get out. We talked yesterday of going to the YMCA. They are open today and we need to burn off the cinnamon rolls we’ll continue to eat throughout today. Thankfully the Y is a short drive down the street. After digging out, we managed to get there.

Dreams are odd. Why do people come to mind? People not seen, really seen face to face in years? Are we more apt to dream on nights we know we don’t have to get up and get going? I don’t remember the details. I usually don’t. Questions? Regrets? I will always need laughter in my life. Is that it?

The movie, actually half movie, last night. Why do our biggest life decisions come to us when we’re so young? So naive? So unwise…

Snow days are annoying if you don’t want to think. If you simply want to accomplish the day’s work. Because everything is put on hold. And you’re left to wondering….why? Should I be a huge interruption in my own life?

We were able to finish watching ‘Divergent‘. Then the next two episodes of Downton season one. Which incidentally includes the [Mary and the Turk] episode. Which incidentally is one of my favorites. Which if you’re a knowledgeable fan of both ‘Divergent’ and the Turk episode you realize we had a Theo James afternoon. Which isn’t the worst thing that could happen on a snow day. Please note I realize a good writer does not start this many consecutive sentences with the word which. I did it solely for effect, thank you.

I’m truly hoping there’s no snow {day 3}. Our office is open tomorrow and I plan to report in. We might try and catch a few more Downtons this evening, although in my opinion, they never topped the one with the Turk. Stay warm!

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