dream(s) to light

Themes are good, right? I actually find them helpful and since I currently need to write 26 more poems to meet my 2020 goal of 100, I decided {dream} would be a good one. Not sure how long I’ll linger with this dream theme. But here goes…

last night I had the strangest.which is a song that fits the day.but this dream was about a high school reunion happening now.during the pandemic and none of us were being especially careful about wearing masks and I kept thinking this is mucho risky and one former classmate got sick to her stomach and oddly (because all my dreams are odd) I had a seventeen year old high school girl I know along with me.weird.

I have considered my recurring dream of driving in reverse, often as of late.what does it mean.am I moving backwards.I feel as though I have made some strides and am headed in a forward motion.it is frightening to drive fast in reverse, unable to stop.yet I never crash.that says something.

dreams though.not just the night variety while I am sleeping.the big ideals I hope for.what and where do I want to be.and become.who along for the ride.life is more than a job.more than money.but money buys shoes and I have purchased 4 pairs so far during the pandemic.more to come I expect.meaning money plays a part in the dreams.

I asked my friend what her dreams are.reminded her to consider them.was reminded myself because I finally used my mindfulness jar.the word I pulled out.dream.asked my students and one boy’s is to play in the NFL.kids always seem to go to occupations.although professional athlete does include more than a profession, for sure.I expect an aspect of our dreams is identity.what do we identify with and want to be identified with.as far as goals and hopes anyway.what am I striving to be and become.also what do I want to get away from.physically and metaphorically.escape.

I decided to delve in.explore my dreams.the pandemic has increased my nighttime dreaming.and I have lost track of my lofty hopes.desperate reality tends to do that.at least from my point of view.currently it is difficult to focus on more than dreaming this sickness goes away.that life will again occur without rude interruption.mask and fear free.

final thoughts.have I allowed myself to focus more on the dreams of others than my own.can I even list out my own.why do I feel selfish when I do.was it implied along the way mine were unimportant or is that consideration of my own making.community dreams vs personal.what is my community.squandered.were mine.pushed aside.is there still time.relationship and mathematical formulas.hope could bring major change.is it already.bringing my dreams to light.

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