peace is a difficult one

My church very nicely provided home advent kits. Kits is the word of 2020. All these kits distributed to make life more enjoyable while we’re homebound. Cooking kits. Art kits. Etc. But. I’m off topic. Back to advent. I procrastinated the first week and didn’t get to it. My {hope} candle was not lit. In … More peace is a difficult one

dream(s) to light

Themes are good, right? I actually find them helpful and since I currently need to write 26 more poems to meet my 2020 goal of 100, I decided {dream} would be a good one. Not sure how long I’ll linger with this dream theme. But here goes… last night I had the strangest.which is a … More dream(s) to light


I have decided to delve into grief. As a subject matter. Writing wise, anyway. I wanted a theme for September. Or the next little bit of time. In regards to my poetry. And this is what I came up with. Previously I haven’t exactly picked a theme and wrote so many poems based on it. … More grief


I have updated my website. Thanks to my son, who is talented in this sort of thing.  I am hoping to focus more on poetry, via this venue. Meaning utilizing my website to highlight it as well as broadcast me reading some of my work aloud. Yes, gasp. Putting myself out there. Not the most … More update

as does change

last day of the monthlast day of the first half of the yeareven good days are now difficultthe moderate has become what would have once been labeled as extremeand here I amin the middle yet outsideI am totally and utterly alonedespite the booming of the firecrackers and the uncontested silence of a voiceboth of which … More as does change

Sunday morning

I tend to wake up earlySunday and the world is still asleep or groggyrain falls and falls and thunder announces the sun has risenbut isn’t making an appearance just yetI open my windows a cool breeze blows in there are plants outside my windowtall plants as I’m on the second floorin the past they have been … More Sunday morning

say something

It’s early Sunday morning. My friend called Friday evening. He asked me a work question or two, regarding an event coming up. An interesting aspect of this call is that my kids and I had just been texting, discussing the [event]s of the day and week. Protesters were gathering and marching, as we were communicating. … More say something


I have spent the better part of the week trying and trying again to write something meaningful and clever just for you and I am accomplishing little what a time what a world you are launching into except you were already launched you’re just walking out the door as a new label today college grad … More certainty

2 poems

{none of us are alright} none of us are alright a difficulty yet a fact, nonetheless we might appear so together, seemingly well adjusted bright, articulate for the most part capable and offering the necessary where will we go today the places one cannot traverse via map alone even if not the mind leading where … More 2 poems