ready, set, go[al]

I have never been much of a goal oriented person.  I am disciplined to a certain extent.  I make sure I clean my toilet weekly, unload my dishwasher daily, make my bed every morning.  Etc. But goals, goals can be intimidating.  At least to me.  What if they’re not reached?  What if they’re too easy?  … More ready, set, go[al]

seeking the perhaps

A small feat.  A challenge only realized privately.  No one has to know.  Chances are no one except very few would appreciate. All the same, I managed it.  Without forethought.  Without fear.  Accomplishment?  Maybe not. Yet maybe. The words echo in my brain. I go to seek a great perhaps. Thank you Francois Rabelais via … More seeking the perhaps

the next day

I’ve come to realize there is a next day.  When you’re in a struggle, it can seem that you’re barely surviving today.  It is nearly impossible to comprehend that there is anything beyond nightfall. That the sun actually comes up the next morning is a surprise.  At the very best, it’s day to day.  One … More the next day

happiness as a goal

Happiness as a goal is a recipe for disaster.  ~ Barry Schwartz I think the above quote says it all.  If you’re only looking to make yourself happy, you’re in for a big fall.  Ah, I made a rhyme. Happiness as a goal is a recipe for disaster. Simple, yet much to consider. … More happiness as a goal

Different Directions

Wednesday morning my son left town with my husband, bound for Louisville.  Son Jamie is attending the Guitar Foundation of America Convention.  He will be playing this morning for a panel of jurors and will find out later today if he will proceed to tomorrow’s final competition.  Classical guitarists from all over the world will be there, a … More Different Directions

June is like December

I came to a realization the other day.  June is like December.  For me, anyway.  There’s so much happening.  Starting in May.  Events, holidays, celebrations, etc.  I have counted 13 happenings in my calendar between May 11 and the end of June.  Some were major life events like my son’s high school graduation.  Some were … More June is like December


Today my sweet daughter Allie turns fifteen.  I came across a letter yesterday, posted on one of my new favorite sites,  It’s from Jackson Pollock’s dad, to him, written in 1928.  While it’s not terribly emotion filled, it is, quite touchingly, what we as parents so want to convey to our children when they’re … More 15

le plan

I like to have a plan.  Self admittedly, I’m not the most organized person in the world.  Yet, I like to know what’s ahead.  I can go with the flow.  I can be impulsive.  But I’d rather know what to expect.  At least in a skeleton format.  Give me a guide, please. When I was … More le plan