scattered thoughts

My mind jumps.  From one thought to another.  Work to bills to my daughter in a foreign country to my son in another city to spray painting random home objects to filling my car with gas to grocery shopping to yard work and on and on. There are the angry thoughts….. directed at people.  Real … More scattered thoughts

seeking the perhaps

A small feat.  A challenge only realized privately.  No one has to know.  Chances are no one except very few would appreciate. All the same, I managed it.  Without forethought.  Without fear.  Accomplishment?  Maybe not. Yet maybe. The words echo in my brain. I go to seek a great perhaps. Thank you Francois Rabelais via … More seeking the perhaps

magazine people

My daughter and I are magazine people.  By that I mean what probably seems obvious.  We like magazines.  She actually subscribes to Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.  I check House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living and an occasional Vegetarian Times out at the library.  Today I even picked up an American Craft. It’s not that we … More magazine people