beach boys

On Sunday evening I watched a movie. Love & Mercy.  The movie is the story of Brian Wilson. In case you didn’t know. And again, in case you didn’t know, Brian Wilson was one of the Beach Boys. As in the band. Well, there’s also a Brian Wilson who played baseball, but that’s not the one … More beach boys


Early on in married life my [then] husband read my journal. Without asking. I remember being very upset about this. I felt it was a breach. Of trust. Of personal space and belongings. And really just a snoopy, immature thing to do. He disagreed strongly. Feeling that I didn’t share my feelings openly, which I … More masterpiece

would you?

Marriage is so many things. Commitment. Love. Growth, family, friendship. I’ve pondered my marriage and marriage in general quite a lot, as of late. I’ve decided [completely on my own] the ultimate test of marriage is asking oneself this question: Knowing everything I know today, would I go back and marry this person again? Gosh, … More would you?

the long haul

Last month my mom and dad in-law celebrated fifty years of marriage.  That’s an accomplishment. A little over a year from now, in December 2014, my mom and dad will reach fifty years.  Again, a pretty big thing. Lately I’ve noticed, via Facebook, couples I knew years ago, perhaps in high school or college.  Some … More the long haul

crooked house

My family lives in a crooked house.  I believe our house was built in 1910, making it just over 100 years old.  Apparently in 1910, levels were not utilized as they are in today’s construction methods.  Or, our house has shifted a bit.  Or, perhaps there are countless other reasons why our house is crooked, … More crooked house