Loneliness is not quite the word I’m looking for. The actual word is loneness.  Being alone, unaccompanied, As in a lone traveler. I’ve learned that many of my pains and sorrows must be faced alone.  As well as joys and celebrations. First of all, I’m a private person.  Second, well second, I’ve learned that it’s … More loneness

would you?

Marriage is so many things. Commitment. Love. Growth, family, friendship. I’ve pondered my marriage and marriage in general quite a lot, as of late. I’ve decided [completely on my own] the ultimate test of marriage is asking oneself this question: Knowing everything I know today, would I go back and marry this person again? Gosh, … More would you?

the long haul

Last month my mom and dad in-law celebrated fifty years of marriage.  That’s an accomplishment. A little over a year from now, in December 2014, my mom and dad will reach fifty years.  Again, a pretty big thing. Lately I’ve noticed, via Facebook, couples I knew years ago, perhaps in high school or college.  Some … More the long haul