Flapjack Friday Faves [05.09]

I just realized I haven’t entered a Flapjack Friday Faves since April 11.  Hard to believe, yet true.  So, I begin this entry with an earnest wish to be more faithful regarding my FFFs and blogging in general. These last few weeks have involved some firsts for me.  For example, I’d never been bitten by … More Flapjack Friday Faves [05.09]

Dear Etsy

Dear Etsy, I joined your team a while back.  I set up a store.  I prepared as if I’d soon be on your starting line up.  I’m sorry it’s taken me so long, but I’ve set a goal.  I’ve given myself a start date, which is August 7, my 45th birthday. It will be a … More Dear Etsy

more than a phase?

I’ve read that if you’re unsure as to what to do with your adult life…..  If you’re wondering what career path to take…….  If you’re at a crossroads…….  Think back to what you enjoyed doing as a child.  What did you play?  What did you pretend?  What were you interested in?  Most likely, those things … More more than a phase?