Expectant, I write. Not truly sure where to go. With my writing today. I realize the complexity of waiting. Not as simple as it seems because I grow impatient. Rather quickly. Wait here. Wait until tomorrow. Wait around and see. Just wait. Wait a minute. I’ve written about waiting before. But now, today, I am … More expectant


I wrote the following, I don’t know when. And posted it in this section of my website entitled “other writings”. But I decided to post it here today….where it’s more accessible to my regular readers. I met a friend for an early dinner this evening. And I was reminded, very clearly, about waiting. My friend … More wait


It’s yet another snow day. Or at least snow morning. I look forward to this evening’s Ash Wednesday service at my church for many reasons, but I will admit one is simply to be out and about amongst people. Another reason is I like the season today ushers in. Easter is coming. Spring will finally … More wednesday

wait here

Last week I posted an entry regarding letting something go. Well, I’ve decided maybe not. Maybe not let go. First of all, well….there’s a difference between letting go of a situation completely [as in finalization] and surrender. Finalization is, quite obviously, final. Surrender is release. Realizing something is out of one’s control. I’ve come to … More wait here

day 2

Opposites.  Yesterday to today. A day spent with my son, who I love.  Yesterday featured an actual van Gogh and a renowned guitarist. Today?  None of the above.  Today was the typical Monday, like the song.  Rain, annoyances, some sadness sprinkled in. My advent reading today, day 2?  Opposites as well.  Wait.  Seek.  Unlike yesterday, … More day 2