beach boys

On Sunday evening I watched a movie. Love & Mercy.  The movie is the story of Brian Wilson. In case you didn’t know. And again, in case you didn’t know, Brian Wilson was one of the Beach Boys. As in the band. Well, there’s also a Brian Wilson who played baseball, but that’s not the one … More beach boys


Early on in married life my [then] husband read my journal. Without asking. I remember being very upset about this. I felt it was a breach. Of trust. Of personal space and belongings. And really just a snoopy, immature thing to do. He disagreed strongly. Feeling that I didn’t share my feelings openly, which I … More masterpiece

things girls say

  Are you married? I get that one pretty frequently from young girls. Generally in the 5 to 10 year old age range. It strikes me as interesting because there are thousands of questions you could ask a person, but this seems to be the high priority question. At least between little girls and adult … More things girls say

forward looking

I am currently part of a workshop designed for people in my situation.  That being, they are divorced, in the midst of divorce or experiencing a marital separation.  So far, there have been three sessions, and I’m gleaning helpful information and encouragement.  During this past week’s session, it was stressed we should have things in … More forward looking

would you?

Marriage is so many things. Commitment. Love. Growth, family, friendship. I’ve pondered my marriage and marriage in general quite a lot, as of late. I’ve decided [completely on my own] the ultimate test of marriage is asking oneself this question: Knowing everything I know today, would I go back and marry this person again? Gosh, … More would you?

said something stupid

Yesterday morning I said something stupid to my husband.  Something I apologized for before he left for work.  Yet I realize  though an apology is accepted, the thought has been vocalized.  Feelings have been exposed. Grace, she comes with a heavy load Memories, they can’t be erased Like a pill I swallow, he makes me … More said something stupid