signs of the timing

Sometimes everything makes perfect sense. At least to me inside my brain. I am at one of those points currently and I’m a little afraid. Because at some point I’ll reveal some of my thoughts to someone who will try to ixnay my plan[s]. Confirmation though. Yesterday I had one of those moments. Everything becoming just … More signs of the timing


 The plant on my work desk is starting to blossom. I photographed it today. Interestingly, I came across this card hanging in my coworker’s office today as well. He’s actually my supervisor. I noticed it when he was talking to me about something important. Don’t worry David [that’s his name]. I was listening. Really. I am not … More new


If you are a regular to my blog, you perhaps noticed I have changed the design. In other words, it looks different. I have recently acquired an office at work. As in my own office. I………..excited! Mainly because I have never, ever had my own office. Now I can live without fear of people lifting … More changeup


Yesterday’s mail was a bit bizarre.  Not that I received anything odd, in and of itself.  Here’s the rundown: I received an expected and much anticipated small package from my daughter, a foreign exchange student who currently resides in the Czech Republic. Secondly, the mail contained a large envelope addressed to my daughter from Reed … More mail


I printed out an Isaiah verse in one of my current favorite fonts, which is pupcat.  Here’s the alphabet, all 26 letters, in pupcat: It’s nice, isn’t it?  Anyway….the verse I printed is technically two, Isaiah 43:18-19, from The Message. Here’s the thing.  I’ve been down lately.  Focused on the old.  Focused on the “why … More brand-new


The plan for today.  It’s Sunday, so that means donuts after church and homemade pizza for dinner.  In between?  Homework for the girl.  House work for me.  A few errands.  Fill the car with gas.   Walk the dog because it’s a beautiful day. Tomorrow?  Well, it’s Monday which means work for me.  School for … More maneuvers


There are days when nothing makes sense. Days like today.  It’s Spring.  Officially.  It’s also snowing and blowing and when I look out the window I can’t see across the street. I can look forward.  A few days ahead.  My son’s recital.  It will be good.  Proud moments.  Smiles. Applause. Tomorrow.  An opportunity to hear … More ridiculous

happy with myself{?}

There is a function on our family television that offers a selection of music videos.  Because I’m technologically deprived, I will not expound on the details.  All I know is my husband and kids tune in and find musicians and groups they like.  Sometimes we all sit in the living room and take turns [sort … More happy with myself{?}