neighborhood church

I was reminded today. If the Church does what the Church was created to do. The neighborhood church. Open the door. Let a kid walk in. Read. Eat dinner or a snack. Listen. Teach a bit even if. Doesn’t matter if the decor looks like grandma’s. Doesn’t matter if the pastor is not a “jeans … More neighborhood church

no focus

I enjoy reading but am having a hard time getting through books this year. I began reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt earlier this winter.  Because it’s 784 pages long, weighs approximately five pounds, and is a 14 day loan from my library, I only made it halfway through before having to turn it back … More no focus


I recently completed a book, The Cuckoo’s Calling.  Reading it took me longer than I’d originally expected and the book ended up being overdue at the library.  When I finished it, I promptly returned it, with the plan of searching for something new to read there in the library.  Lately, most of my reading has … More non-fiction